Brewing Industry Leadership Group Reveals £1bn Growth Target

We have been working with Scotland Food & Drink this week announcing their plans to grow Scottish brewing into a £1bn industry by 2030 and make Scottish brewed beer the most desirable in the world, while being a meaningful part of a healthy lifestyle.

The plan has been detailed following the findings of a year-long study carried out by the ‘Brewing Industry Leadership Group’ a new body which was commissioned by Scotland Food & Drink to identify the challenges of growing the Scottish brewing sector and supply chain.

Chair of the Scottish Beer Awards judging panel, Hilary Jones, has chaired the leadership group over the last year.  This week, she revealed the outcome of the study in a new report titled ‘Brewing Up A Storm’ in which its ambitions over the next decade aim to confront several challenges which are stifling the industry.   She commented;

 “We want Scottish brewing to grow into a £1bn industry by 2030, creating new jobs in urban and rural areas.  We want to increase the perceived value of our beer by focussing on craftmanship and quality.  We want consumers to buy Scottish beer, rather than imported beer and to drink beer responsibly. We also want to plug into the new food and drink tourism strategy and improve our brewing destination experiences, educating our visitors and sending an international message that we are a high-quality brewing nation.”

The report reveals 16 recommendations which will be implemented to help achieve the target.  The full details on the new strategy can be found on